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Dead Robin Might Appear In ‘Batman v Superman’

Ever since the graffiti’d suit of a dead Robin was shown in the latest Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice trailer, fan chatter has been through the roof.  Was the deceased Jason Todd, the second Robin, like in the source material?  Is it instead Dick Grayson or Tim Drake?  Will we see The Joker (Jared Leto) kill him in a flashback?  Is Jared Leto’s Joker actually a now-insane former Robin who has taken on the mantle of the Clown Prince of Crime?

So many questions and as of right now, no answers.  While I don’t subscribe to the “Leto’s Joker is a crazy Robin” theory, I wouldn’t be shocked at all if we are treated to some sort of glimpse as said dead Robin’s demise.  Leto may not have been present on the set of Batman v Superman, but Affleck was certainly present earlier in the shoot for Suicide Squad.

Might a short snippet have been filmed there for BvS, alongside whatever Batman chase sequence that was filmed for Suicide Squad?  It’s certainly possible.  After all, we are clearly being treated to at least a montage glimpse of the death of Bruce’s parents.  Perhaps that will be part of a larger “history of Batman” sequence or maybe memories via a dream sequence that Bruce has, detailing this new Batman’s past for audiences.


Regardless of the circumstances, Heroic Hollywood is reporting that someone DID don the Robin suit for a scene filmed with Leto’s Joker.  If this rumor proves true, we will definitely be seeing Jason Todd (or whoever it is) in his final moments.  Don’t expect a star in the costume, however.  Director Zack Snyder reportedly tossed his college-bound son Eli in the part.

Eli Snyder is no stranger to his father’s work, having played young Leonidas in 300 and young Rorschach in Watchmen.  One assumes that if the death of this Robin is ever addressed in greater detail in a future film, a star will likely be cast in the role, but for now we have Eli to continue on as one of Zack’s repertory cast members.

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