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[Review] “The Fiction” #2 Wins And Worries With Impressive Imagery

“The Fiction” #2 moves quickly forward as the halfway point in this miniseries but also takes a moment to bring us back to those first days when Tsang disappeared, when the kids sociopathically lied to the police about their knowledge of Tsang’s disappearance.  There is a great deal of fantastical imagery and just enough questions asked to keep me hooked.  “The Fiction” expertly expands Pires’ genre repertoire.



WRITTEN BY: Curt Pires

ART BY: David Rubin


PRICE: $3.99

RELEASE: July 15, 2015

It is truly creepy the way the kids are able to dissociate enough to deny what has happened to their friend.  It gives some insight into the characters and suggest they might not turn out to be the best group of people.  At first I was impressed with their resolve and ability to lie, but when the officer starts to see through them they become menacing little evil geniuses.  It was a creepy moment to see kids commanding their domain that way and I wonder if this suggest what we might expect to see from them.

Whenever I read 4-issue miniseries I am always keenly aware of story structure.  How anyone can introduce characters and premise, build a compelling arc, and then satisfy with a conclusion always impresses me, throw in some fantasy elements and a whole bunch of “what the fuck?” moments and you’ve got a micro-thrill wide.  At the same time though I am keenly aware of any and all errors or oversights in plot and pacing.

I was surprised when so much of this issue was spent in the past showing us something that may turn out to be inconsequential (if it isn’t revealed that these kids were actually a bunch of baby Hannibal Lecters) and I was equally surprised that the journey through the forest of lost memories really wasn’t a journey at all, and that the antagonist is right there in the flesh, ready to be overcome.  The epilogue at least suggest that there is more to unpack here, but I still pretty convinced that 4 issues is just too few issues to tell a really compelling story.

The fiction is right on the verge of being remarkable.  At this point it may flop just as likely as it is to astound.  With Pires my money is on the latter, but this is the kind of book that is going to have to really blow me over with the reveal because the build up and suspense has been the driving force for two issues, and when you only have four to tell your story, its a risky strategy.

Rating 7/10

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