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[Review] Roche Limit: Clandestiny #3 Hits Its Stride

Roche Limit Clandestiny #3 kicks it up a notch as the crew begin to drop off like flies, what is and isn’t reality blur and even small answers only lead to even bigger questions. We’re around that sweet spot at about the halfway point for Clandestiny where the set ups are starting to give way to payoffs.

Story by: Michael Moreci

Art by: Kyle Charles

Publisher: Image

Release Date: July 15, 2015

Price: $3.50

 It’s all slightly coming together, we’ve got a grasp of who these people are, the ones left, and what motivates each of them. We’ve also got an endgame in sight, they’ve got the means to locate a ship off of Dispater, if they can trust Danny the Android that is. All the gears are turning at peak efficiency making this an excellent issue.

We open on Sasha and Kim discussing Kim’s metaphysical experience with her son last issue. They tackle some intriguing and thought provoking ideas about reality. What is and isn’t real and the possibility that nothing is real or everything is real. If you have an experience that logically couldn’t be real but felt no less real than everything else you’ve ever experienced who’s to say which is true. Logic is a human construct used to reasonably rationalize the world around us, it’s just as real as anything we create. You have to open your mind while reading Clandestiny, be open to any and all ideas and this book will always satisfy. If you close yourself off and attempt to apply arbitrary rules to the narrative you’re going to have a bad time.

The art stuck out to me this issue in the best way possible. The story feels more kinetic than ever with some awesome paneling, especially in the forest. In the previous two issues I had a few issues with the fact that two pairs of characters looked too similar, I’m happy to report that’s no longer a problem. I’m not sure exactly what it was that’s changed, but they all look like separate individuals now which is awesome.

Clandestiny has certainly hit its stride, expect nothing but home runs from now until it’s inevitably beautiful ending.


Rating : 9/10

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