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[Review] “Death Head” #1 Oozes With The Creepy Factor

Off to the a great start, Death Head #1 oozes with straight-up creepiness right from the very first page. Strong on characterization, there’s enough riveting material to engage readers. Led by an interesting cast of characters, the “Death Head” series has such grand potential to deliver the bloody scares and truly be a great horror story.


Story by: Nick Keller and Zack Keller

Art by: Joanna Estep

Publisher: Dark Horse Comics

Release Date: July 15, 2015

Price: $3.99

The first installment features three short and separate stories, which are centered around a specific theme and share a deep connection. In the first tale, you have an outgoing couple, Niles and Justine, dealing with the stress of a baby, their own bundle of joy, on the way. In the second segment, you have a teenage and rebellious Maggie dealing with her own school crush and sexual peak. In the last tale, there is a young boy weirdly named Bee who becomes lost in the  dirty and never-ending sewers.

Writers Nick and Zack Keller have written instantly likable characters, who are all dealing with different periods of their lives. Facing parenthood together, Niles and Justine want to believe their love is strong enough to raise a child. Dealing with authority figures and bullies, Bumblebee and Maggie want to believe their is more to life than just school to attend and rules to obey.

Artist Joanna Estep has done a fantastic job crafting the eerie atmosphere and the creepy ambiance within each short story. It certainly is weird looking at the panels of the teen schoolgirls, in their school uniform, attempting to discover their sexuality. Notice how the religious symbolism is strong in the background, especially when Bee is picked on by bullies.

Overall, I like that the first issue is focused solely on character. There is a mysterious figure lurking around, but our antagonist is meant to be kept in the shadows for now. Kudos to the character design of the masked killer, with its round black eyes and pointy nose, which is really why I can’t wait to see this slasher in action.

“Death Head” #1 has done a great job introducing its characters. I really want the second installment to kick it up a notch in the second installment.

Rating 5/10

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