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Archie TV Series ‘Riverdale’ Moves To CW

The Greg Berlanti-produced “Riverdale“, an hour-long drama take on the classic “Archie” comics has moved from Fox to the more Berlanti-friendly CW.  Archie, Betty, Veronica, Reggie, Kevin, Jughead, and even Jose and the Pussycats are all expected to be featured on the series, which will tackle these characters and their wholesome hometown with the same subversive bent as their recent revival in the comics.  The current comics are the first straight revamp of the property in continuity since it began and ?.

Archie Comics’ creative head honco Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa is writing the pilot, so expect it to hew close to the current run.  Berlanti, Sarah Schechter, and Jon Goldwater are set to executive produce the series.  Aguirre-Sacasa seems particularly pleased with the project’s new home…

“When Greg and I started talking about bringing these characters to life, our first thought was that the best home for them would be the CW.  It took a little longer for us to get there, but now that we’re here, it’s feeling terrific.”

Aguirre-Sacasa already has a working relationship with Berlanti as a consulting producer on CBS’ upcoming “Supergirl” series.  Given the network’s penchant for horror and Aguirre-Sacasa’s own dabbling with it in the source material, it will be interesting to see if any supernatural elements crop up in the proposed series at some point.  Two of his more popular titles are “Afterlife with Archie“, which sees the above characters tangling with an undead apocalypse, and “The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina“, which focuses on the titular teenage witch.

ArchieHorrorBoth are printed under the Archie Horror label and the latter would make for a great addition to the CW series lineup if “Riverdale” proves a hit. As for zombies?  Well, an entire Archie zombie apocalypse TV series might be a bit much, but a Halloween special here and there might not be a bad idea.

Horror fanboy hopes aside, this seems like the perfect melding of material, talent, and a very game network.  If all goes well, “Riverdale” could debut as a mid-season replacement in early 2016.  The potential for a well-rounded, modern television take on Archie and his friends is there, so here’s hoping they knock this one out of the park.

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