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Check Out The New ‘Batman v Superman’ Trailer!

It’s here, fresh from the Warner Bros. Comic-Con panel, the newest trailer for Batman V Superman!

There’s a lot to unpack here.  First off, it’s an absolute visual feast of a trailer, but I expect nothing less from a Zack Snyder film.  Even his worst work (Sucker Punch) is well crafted on a visual level.  The film retains the Man of Steel look, which is a negative for some, but it looks great here.

In terms of story, we’re getting a much larger glimpse of what lies within.  Lex Luthor’s (Jesse Eisenberg) dangerous machinations, both public and private.  Bruce Wayne shouldering the burden of not only of losses past (a dead Robin!) and present (Wayne Industries employees in Metropolis), but also those that might arise in the future with a god-like being traversing our world.  Despite some apparent objections from Jeremy Irons’ Alfred, Wayne is convinced that Superman must be stopped and Batman is the one to do it.

Moving on, we finally get a glimpse at the rest of the cast, from returning players Amy Adams (Lois Lane), Laurence Fisburne (Perry White), and Diane Lane (Martha Kent) to the aforementioned Jeremy Irons, Holly Hunter as a senator, and…of course…Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman.  A few cameos are also teased, both with Michael Shannon as the body of General Zod (rumored to factor into the creation of Doomsday) and…surprise…Jeffrey Dean Morgan as Thomas Wayne!

I’m sure you’ve watched the trailer before reading my thoughts, but be sure to give it a look again.  There’s a ton of information flying by in each scene and certainly full of further discoveries to be made in the coming days.

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice arrives in theaters on March 25th, 2016.  Zack Snyder directs from a screenplay by David Goyer and Chris Terrio.  The film stars Ben Affleck as ‘Bruce Wayne/Batman’, Henry Cavill as ‘Clark Kent/Superman’, Amy Adams as ‘Lois Lane’, Gal Gadot as ‘Diana Prince/Wonder Woman’, Jesse Eisnberg as ‘Lex Luthor’, Scoot McNairy as ‘Jimmy Olsen’, Jeremy Irons as ‘Alfred Pennyworth’, Laurence Fishburne as ‘Perry White’, Diane Lane as ‘Martha Kent’, Christina Wren as ‘Major Carrie Farris’, Tao Okamoto as ‘Mercy Graves’, Ray Fisher as ‘Victor Stone/Cyborg’, and Jason Momoa as ‘Aquaman’.  Batman v Superman also stars Holly Hunter, Callan Mulvey, and Jena Malone.

  • Jake

    Is Doomsday the villain? Or… is there not an actual ‘villain’ per say?

    • chandler windham

      Is that all you have to say about this pure dopeness?

    • Leebo

      Well it has been rumoured that Doomsday would show up, having been created from Zod. And of course, Zod’s dead body “is” in the trailer, so perhaps?

  • chandler windham

    ( Color purple voice ) “When I seant dis, I knowd dere is a gawd” #Holyshit!

  • STRIK9

    Other than that weak ass Luthor, this film looks incredible.

    • chandler windham

      Luthor is gonna rock!

  • Jonathan Larsson

    … I am impressed. Really, I am. It looks a lot better than I thought it would. Especially the Batman-parts. It feels as if the DC-movies is really embracing a darker and grittier identity as opposed to the more light-hearted Marvel flicks, which for the sake of variety is a good idea.
    Still, that’s no guarantee for anything. Sucker-punch also looked good, and see where that went. And… why are they showing a second trailer so early? Isn’t it supposed to be out next year? And why are they showcasing Wonder Woman so early too? Wouldn’t it at least have been better to show her very briefly at the end of the trailer as opposed to taking the centerfold?

  • G.A. McGillivray

    I’m still confused. There is Heath Ledger’s Joker in the trailer again – but this time he’s at LExCorp looking at Kryptonite…. When will we see the real Lex Luthor? You know, bald, confident, angry…

    Anyways the trailer makes me want to watch Watchmen again… Only the extended version though.

  • Joel Legendz

    Wow this looks like solid shit from the trailer. An entire movie building up to a shitty ass battle between Batman and Superman. Tons of time wasted again telling origin stories everyone already knows.

    Hopefully the movie is better than this crap trailer.

  • amp69

    Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman for the WIN!!!


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