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UPDATED: ‘Arrow’ Will Finally Go Green In Season 4! Plus New Characters!

UPDATE: The producers have confirmed that Mr. Terrific will be their first gay superhero!  They also stated that Damien Darhk will not be the only big baddie in Season 4.

In the first season, he was known on the streets of Starling City as ‘The Hood’.  In the second and third seasons, he went by ‘The Arrow’.  Now, starting in “Arrow“‘s Season 4 this fall, Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell) will finally become Green Arrow.  In fact, in addition to the new promotional picture above, Amell actually took the stage in his new costume.

While it was inevitable, many fans…myself included…worried that they might wait until the sometime in the (also inevitable) fifth season to make the switch.  After all, Berlanti & Co.’s original series outline was for five seasons.  Thankfully, the change is coming much sooner, especially since the show is poised to last longer than half a decade.


The fourth season will deal with the fallout of the League of Assassin’s attack on Starling City, the ascension of Malcolm Merlyn (John Barrowman) as the new Ra’s al Ghul, and the emergence of Damien Darhk (Neal McDonough) and H.I.V.E.  Tonight’s panel promised that Merlyn will not be resting on his laurels in his new position, but did we ever really expect him to?

That’s not all, however!  In addition to likely bringing back previous recurring friends and foes, the show will be adding a few new characters to CW’s DC collective.  The villain Anarky will be one such newcomer, as will the superhero Mr. Terrific.  I’m not personally familiar with either character, but their coming appearances delight me nonetheless.  With the DC films poised to mostly deal in popular characters from the comics, it’s an absolute breath of fresh air to see the CW shows continue to explore the more obscure characters and corners of the DC universe.

Also on the important front, John Diggle (David Ramsey) is FINALLY getting a costume in the form of a helmet.  It’s about time and he’s certainly going to need it if he’s going to finally tango with H.I.V.E. this upcoming season.  I love ya, Diggle, but you should have had a costume two seasons ago.  Now you just need a codename so no one is shouting your real one in the streets!

The CW and WB Television have also released a highlight reel of Arrow‘s third season, which you can check out below.  As a fan of the series who was mostly disappointed by this season, here’s hoping that the upcoming one is one to root for once more.  Thus far, it sounds like things are at least off to a good start.

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