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WB Unveils ‘Batman v. Superman’ Statuettes

We’ve seen countless stills, promo shots, scans, screen captures, and spy photos giving us various looks at the costumes of the titular characters in Zack Snyder’s Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice.  Month after month of picture after picture, each giving us a better picture of who these four color titans will look on the big screen next year.  Perhaps the best look we have been given, however, are these shots of a new trio of statuettes for our dueling heroes.

WB has tossed out a glimpse of the following collectibles that will be coming our way soon and they are certain to make die hard fans froth at the mouth.  While it is a bit disappointing that one for Wonder Woman isn’t in the mix at this time, especially since we get two of Batman, here’s hoping that Princess Diana makes the cut for a second series of statues.

These suckers carry an SRP of $150.00 USD each, a steep price for sure, but did we really expect them to be cheap?  They will be made available come January 2016, a few months ahead of the film’s March 25th release.  Start saving now and feel free to gawk at the pictures below in the meantime…


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