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‘Back To The Future’ Continues With IDW Comics

As a CBR SDCC exclusive yesterday, comic publisher IDW has announced a “Back To The Future” series and none other than franchise co-creator Bob Gale is overseeing it.  While not penning the series himself, Gale will watch over an assortment of artists and writers as they tell tales within the Back To The Future universe.  The idea is to avoid doing a Back To The Future 4 story, instead focusing on other areas of the franchise’s history and characters.

First at bat will be a tale from John Barber (“Transformers”) and Erik Burnham (“Ghostbusters”) focusing on how Marty & Doc Brown met, Doc’s ties to the Manhattan Project, and how the original Brown family home ended up burning down.  Further stories will continue to fill in gaps in the films’ continuity and offer up appearances from characters hailing from all films in the trilogy.

Gale and Robert Zemeckis continue to remain steadfast in their declarations that neither a fourth film nor a remake will happen in their lifetime (despite Universal still fielding pitches for the latter).  With that in mind, comics are the perfect medium to further explore the franchise’s characters and concepts in.

For more on the project, as well as an interview with Gale about its inception, be sure to check out the link above.


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