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[Review] “The Tomorrows” #1 Proves Dystopia Is Right Around The Corner

Reviewed by Torin Chambers. “Tomorrows” #1 is a divisive book, you’re either on board with the audaciously high concepts or you’re not. Even if you are onboard Tomorrows won’t hold your hand. The plot barrels forward at a brisk pace and demands a certain immediacy when reading. Every moment feels crucial and tense, there’s no room for fat or fluff just pure substance. Much like anything from the intricate mind Curt Pires, there’s a biting social commentary here. This is a dystopian future that’s not lifetimes away but just around the corner.


Story by: Curt Pire

Art by:  Jason Copland

Publisher: Dark Horse Comics

Release Date: July 8, 2015

Price: $2.99

Art is illegal, that’s the governing rule of Tomorrows, and the only thing worse than art are artists themselves. They’re persecuted to the extreme, with the only sentence being death. Death carried out by a robotic force that look like a cross between a sentinel and a squid, all with the same smiling face of doom. When we first meet our protagonist, Zoey, she’s trying to cope with a great loss.

We’re immediately made aware of her artistic leanings which put her in a dangerous place, in fact, a death squad is en route to her as the book opens. Luckily for her there are others left in her world who will fight the good fight. Zoey is saved for the moment but now that they’re aware of her life can never be the same again. That’s not so bad though because the dude who saves her introduces himself in the coolest way possible. It’s one of those situations where it sounds like he’s trying so hard to be cool that it comes over the over side and is most definitely cool.

An Akira reference or two later and we’re introduced to the whole crew, which includes the best idea for a computer AI in ages and way too many shaved sides haircuts. I mean come on, when 3 out of 4 protagonists all have almost the same haircut it’s a bit much. Small grievances aside the supporting cast and their whole ‘deal’ is thoroughly intriguing, like an alternate future super-team of sorts. While we only meet 3 others there are numerous references to a larger group who’ll certainly be important going forward, whether they’re all possibly dead or not.

Curt Pires has started his first ongoing with a bang, there’s a literal mic drop at the end of the issue that feels well-earned. If you’re looking for a light hearted good time, look elsewhere, but If you’re looking for an alternative comic that’ll engage and challenge you then Tomorrows is for you.

Rating: 9/10

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