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[Review] “High Crimes” HC Captivates From Cover To Cover

Reviewed By Jorge Solis. Full of atmosphere and intrigue, High Crimes HC starts out as a suspenseful thriller and cleverly turns into a frightening survivor’s tale. As the smart writing keeps you involved with the main protagonist, the phenomenal artwork will take your breath away. Readers will never look at mountain-climbing the same way ever again.


WRITTEN BY: Christopher Sebela

ART BY: Ibrahim Moustafa

PUBLISHER: Dark Horse Comics

PRICE: $3.99

RELEASE: July 8, 2015

Haunted by her heyday as a popular snowboarder, disgraced Olympian Zan Jensen runs a dirty sideline business of her own. As a high-altitude grave robber, Zan has stumbled onto a horrible discovery that only brings death and danger. At the summit of Everest, the corpse carries with it a treasure chest full of confidential secrets. In need of salvation, Zan suddenly finds herself in the crosshairs of a government hit squad.

Writer Christopher Sebela has crafted an interesting and deeply flawed protagonist in Zan. Sebela describes Zan’s mental and physical breakdown throughout the narrative. At times, Zan appears to be beyond hope and unable to redeem herself. But then, the main character does a complete 180 and finds herself in her element.

What I really enjoyed about the story is how you can tell Sebela did his research. Sebela puts in everything that can go horribly wrong in mountain climbing and manages to top it. As Zan climbs to the clip, there is less air to breathe and the hit-man is close behind.

Artist Ibrahim Moustafa does a great job creating the cold and unforgiving atmosphere of the snowy mountains. Moustafa even plays with around with the panel layouts, so you feel like you’re climbing with her. During the mountain sequences, Moustafa keeps the panels close on Zan’s facial expressions as she struggles being brave and scared at the same time.

With the backgrounds and wide shots of the terrain, I really liked how the detailed illustrations take the reader somewhere far away. When the panel layouts are flipped vertically, you feel the dizzying effects that Zan and the rest of the mountain climbers are going through.

“High Crimes” HC is an exciting read from start to finish. You will not be able to put this comic book down once you start reading.

Rating: 9/10


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