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A Look At The “Lost” ‘1960s Batman’ Bane Episode

Hot on the heels of an announcement last month that Bane would be appearing in the new “Batman 66” comic book, io9 has followed it up with a bit of fun from the mind of Will Brooker, author of Batman Unmasked and all-around Batman expert.  Brooker has taken the time to envision a “lost episode” of the Adam West show featuring Bane, complete a cast and synopsis; all in the style of The Official Batman Bat-Book episode guide for the series.  The results are entertaining and you can see them below.


For more of Brooker’s “discovery”, see the link above.  I for one would love to see this lost episode restored!  Who could possibly pass on seeing what are undoubtedly classic turns by Orson Welles as BANE and Robert Vaughn as CIA!  Such a restoration would be just as much of a gift to this writer as it would be…FOR YOU!

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