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License To Quill: Warren Ellis Pens New ‘James Bond 007’ Comics

For the first time in decades, Ian Fleming Publications Ltd. has licensed out the James Bond rights to a comic company.  Dynamite Entertainment has gained the distinct pleasure of returning 007 to the comic book world in the form of an on-going series, graphic novels, and digital comics.  Who better to launch such a line than author Warren Ellis and illustrator Jason Masters (Batman Inc., Guardians of the Galaxy)?

While adaptations of some of Fleming’s novels will be in order, the first run out of the gate for Dynamite’s “James Bond 007” will be titled “VARGR“.  The plot involves Bond returning to homebase in London from a mission in Helsinki.  He is tasked with picking up where a now-dead 00 agent left off on a mission in Berlin, as well as some dangerous goings-on in London itself.

Warren Ellis on adding his voice to the Bond legacy…

“Ian Fleming’s James Bond is an icon, and it’s a delight to tell visual narratives with the original, brutal, damaged Bond of the books.”

Diggory Laycock, great-nephew of Ian Fleming (who would be proud of that name), had the following to say…

“We were thrilled when Warren agreed to write the first story in this exciting new chapter of literary James Bond. Warren’s style is gritty, dark, and unique, and we can’t wait to see James Bond embroiled in an adventure of his creation.”

And Dynamite Entertainment’s CEO Nick Barrucci added the following…

“Warren Ellis is one of the most brilliant writers of the 21st century, not just in comics but across all media. When we approached him for the launch, we hoped he could make time in his very busy schedule, and we are fortunate and thankful that he was able to. We met with Warren and everyone at IFPL, and Warren’s passion for the novels showed. He really is the perfect writer for Bond, and I can’t express how excited we are that he is tackling the ongoing series. This will be James Bond unlike anything you’ve ever seen before, true to Ian Fleming’s source material yet bursting all preconceptions of what a Bond story should be.”

As a massive James Bond fan, I was already in for any new comic series.  The fact that Warren Ellis is behind the wheel, at least for now, only sweetens the deal for me.  What say the rest of you?


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