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Elektra Has Been Cast For ‘Daredevil: Season Two’!

The second season of Marvel TV’s hit Netflix series, “Daredevil“, is currently shooting and the core cast members have all returned.  After the recent casting of Jon Bernthal (The Walking Dead) as Frank Castle/The Punisher, the big questions on everyone’s minds have been “Who will play twisted assassin Bullseye?” and “Who will take on the role of Elektra?”.  Marvel has now officially answered the latter.

Elodie Yung (G.I. Joe: Retaliation, Gods of Egypt) has been cast in the role of Elektra Natchios.  In the comics (and the 00s films), Elektra was the daughter of a Greek ambassador.  Like Matt Murdock, she was trained in the deadly arts by Stick, a member of the benevolent mystical ninja group known as The Chaste.  Unlike Matt, however, her soul turned dark and for a time, she rejected Stick’s teachings in favor of becoming an assassin for the evil ninja organization, The Hand.

Stick was, of course, portrayed by Scott Glenn in the first season.  In addition, we were given glimpses of Chaste warrior Stone and a vague mention of Matt knowing Elektra in college.  In the comics, she dropped out before being found and trained by Stick.  We’ve also seen ties to The Hand and the dark side of martial arts, from the mysteriously deadly Madame Gao to the symbol of Iron Fist nemesis Steel Serpent to Nobu himself.

While The Punisher is sure to make a splash during his time on the show next season, it seems quite clear that we will be further exploring The Hand and The Chaste, through a returning Stick and the past of our latest addition, Elodie Yung’s Elektra.  Sounds like fun to me!



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