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Bryan Singer To Take Over ‘Fantastic Four’ Franchise?!

The production and marketing problems surrounding Fox’s reboot of the Fantastic Four franchise are well-known at this point.  The film has been a troubled one and whether it turns out to be a winner in terms of quality or not, Fox is poised to move forward with this new take on the property.  After all, the cast is locked in for two more films and letting it sit would allow the rights to return to Marvel (like with Daredevil), so why waste it?  So where do things go from here, especially when the issues with your director are known and your film isn’t tracking very well?  You switch gears and try something different…like bringing in X-Men guru Bryan Singer.

Rumors of an Untitled X-Men/Fantastic Four Crossover film have been around ever since Josh Trank’s Fantastic Four was announced.  Producer Mark Millar has teased the possibility a few times, while others in the know with both franchises have brushed it off.  Now, in the face of what could prove to be a disappointing debut for F4 next month, things have apparently changed.

According to This Is Infamous, Fox is wooing Singer to take on both Fantastic Four 2 (Summer 2017, tentatively) AND an X-Men/F4 combo sequel in 2018.  Fox is apparently wanting to move fast on this, with prep work beginning before the end of summer and Singer expected to make a decision very soon.

F4XMenThis lines up partially with what we have heard from our own sources.  Our information differs on the subject of a proposed Fantastic Four 2.  According to our own sources, the crossover film itself will be the second film in the supposed Fantastic Four trilogy.  The idea is to toss the new X-Men team, which will debut next year in Singer’s X-Men: Apocalypse, into the mix with the Fantastic Four cast to give the latter franchise a cinematic adrenaline shot.  If all goes well, a third Fantastic Four film would come along later and be an actual standalone sequel sans our mutant friends.

Could all of this come to pass?  It honestly seems likely, though again, I’d bet on the crossover being our Fantastic Four 2 and not on Singer doing two films back-to-back.  The combo sequel would give Singer some new territory to mine, while also sticking to his bread & butter, and help out Fox in the process.  It’s a bit of a win win scenario, assuming audiences take a shine to the new mutants in Apocalypse (they likely will).

Nothing is official yet, so don’t spend your day thinking this is set in stone.  After all, a few months ago Fox was seriously considering ending the Singerverse and beginning the X-Men franchise anew in another form.  That line of thinking has changed now, but it just goes to show you how quickly things can shift behind the scenes when it comes to franchise planning.  It also shows how little confidence Fox has in their Fantastic Four reboot at this point.  More as it develops.


  • huntermc

    It’s not a good sign if they’re planning on replacing the director for the sequel before the movie has even been released.

    • Daniel Baldwin

      Very much agreed.

  • Frank Lloyd Jr.

    Shouldn’t judge a movie based on a promo photo, but the new Fantastic Four looks terrible. Reed Richards looks so douchey.


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