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It’s Joseph Gordon-Levitt Vs. Anne Hathaway In ‘Sidekicks’

Want to see Joseph Gordon-Levitt re-team with Anne Hathaway in a fun, campy superhero short?  Of course you do!  The Dark Knight Rises actors reunited in “Sidekicks“, the second episode of Pivot’s Hit Record on TV and the entertaining results are below…

In episode 2 of ‘Hit Record on TV’ – RE: THE NUMBER TWO, Joseph Gordon-Levitt is joined by Anne Hathaway and Brian & Nick from BriTANick, who guest star in a short film about a pair of sidekicks struggling to emerge from the shadow of their superheroes.

The groundbreaking Emmy®-Award-winning series Hit Record On TV with Joseph Gordon-Levitt returns with an all new season of short films, music, animation, conversation, and more! Catch all-new episodes of ‘Hit Record On TV with Joseph Gordon-Levitt’ Fridays at 10 e/p only on Pivot.

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