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‘Agent Carter’ Snags A New Poster & Other Details

As things begin to ramp up for the second season of “Agent Carter” on ABC, two more returning cast members have been confirmed.  James D’Arcy and Enver Gjokaj will reprise the roles of Edwin Jarvis and Agent Sousa, respectively, joining the already-confirmed Hayley Atwell.  More returning cast members are expected to be confirmed in the coming months, with Chad Michael Murray, Lyndsy Fonesca, and Bridget Regan likely to be among them, as well as a few new faces.

The second season will change the locale to Los Angeles, which will definitely inform the show’s tone and look next year, per executive producer Michele Fazekas

There’s a case that goes beyond what the LAPD or normal local police would be able to handle that falls into their purview. In Los Angeles, you have the spectacular wealth, glamour and beauty right next to the grit and crime – often right up against each other. We’re very much being inspired by noir films.

Also, expect Jarvis to remain involved in proceedings…

We have a nice organic way to infuse Jarvis. That was always the challenge. He’s not an agent. The case for the first season is over, so the biggest question for us this season was: We love Peggy and Jarvis together, that’s a really important relationship, how do we keep them together? LA has provided us a really nice, organic way to do so.

Lastly, we have beautiful new Comic-Con poster for the series…



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